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1Anicalans Jewellery Operation

‘Anicalans’ in Tamil refer to ornaments adorned by gods for divine beauty. 'Anicalans' were worn by kings as armory. 'Anicalans' like armor to kings, would be an ideal protector for your business. As Bhagavat Gita says, what we took as input from the Jewellery Industry is now returned to them as 'Anicalans' software in India and Srilanka.

2Jewellery Savings Scheme

A well tested and implemented monthly savings scheme package wherein you can monitor both amount and weight schemes. This is an integrated package that can work with 'Anicalans', our retail jewellery software. This scheme package can also work independently.

3Jewellery Manufacturing

Exclusively developed for the jewellery manufacturing industry, this product deals right from order booking (both B2B and B2C) to delivery logistics. The software captures various process involved in ornament manufacturing viz. wax tree, casting, cutting, melting moulding, polishing etc.

4Jewellery Catalog

A very useful Software for displaying a wide range of catalog (with details). It has been developed to integrate with the current rate also. This will guide B2C enquiry to understand the current market price. More add on tools are available to capture the manufacturing cost.

5Retail Operation

As the name suggests, all the operations that is required for a vessels stores for their retail operations are covered in this product. Most suitable for control on purchase cost, designwise stock on hand, cash point and billing operation.

6Knit Soft

An integrated software for the hosiery Manufacturing and Distribution. The software handles all the Manufacturing process Viz.Yarn Purchase/issue, Knitting, Bleaching / Dyeing, Printing, Godown management, Cutting, Stitching, Packing, sales ,Order Management, Accounting, and much more.

7Front Office

An excellent front office tool to assist your front office staff in tracking all calls, reminders, things to do, mailers etc. this software maintains a centralized address management system. Duplicate address can be checked and filtered. Bulk SMS can be sent to customers informing of offers, Discounts, Birthday and Wedding Day greetings.

8Loyalty Program

Today the retail industry succeed only by retaining their existing customers. This can be done through our attractive loyalty program software to satisfy your customer better

9Android Development

Android operating system of the smart phone device has been growing at a rapid pace. As a matter of fact, it is becoming more popular with each update. It is user-friendly, versatile, and also flexible. We have worked with small, as well as large corporations. Our Android app development services have been designed to cater to solutions which are built around certain business Recruitment of our clients

10Ecommerce Website Designing

Ecommerce web development and Web designing by our talented and skilled experts update themselves from time to time with the latest trends and technologies. Our experts create customized e-commerce website for the promotion of your brand. We make sure that your business is able to gather traffic and retain them. Click here for Client Websites